Knowledge of The Market

We know exactly all the milestones and criteria which are important for investors and startups

All startups need to make their business work! And we know perfectly how to do it. That is why we designed special services for startups, focused on the most important issues needed to be solved.

Direct Export expansion to USA

Work with our network of distributors in the United States to expand your business in American markets.

Joint Ventures

Work with our team of industry subject matter experts on joint ventures with American companies.

Business Licensing

Work with our team of international legal and compliance professionals in securing all the business licenses, patents, and intellectual property of your company needs to compete on the world stage.

Buying a Company in USA

Work with our team to find viable small business and franchise opportunities for investors.


Partner with us on projects that can help both of our companies grow our reach.


If you are a small business and want to enter in USA markets? no problem We have a pool of Importers willing to represent your products and services.

We consider every request individually

About Us

Our goal is what drives us to do everything possible to help business communities. We do that by providing multiple platforms, profitable business to invest-in, by making our services trust-worthy, by building a creative and diverse over-seas team and by making a positive impact in communities where we live and where we work.

Based in New York, YABP offers business support services that results in profitable growth for both business owners

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